Oscilloscope as a Display

This project demonstrates how to use a digital oscilloscope as a crude display. 3D objects and a camera input are displayed using the internal Digital Analog to Converters.


The parts used here are the LOLIN32 and the ESP32 MiniKIT. But Any ESP32 board can be used.


The camera is the cheap OV7670 without the FIFO. The camera supports up to VGA resolution.  However, we are not able to fit a whole VGA frame into the memory of the microcontroller.

  • Where to get them

These links are also supporting my work but I don’t mind if you find a cheaper source 😉


GPIOs 25 & 26 are connected to two probes of the Oscilloscope. Ground of the microcontroller is connected the clamps of the probes. The probes are set to 1X.

If you want to use the camera it is attached just like in my I2S camera tutorial (TFT is not needed)


All the sketches can be found in my github repository:

The STL converter can also be used from here (no worries, it does not upload anything)


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