AM Radio Transmitter

Work principle

AM Radio transmissions are based on a carrier signal which is modulated by the audio signal. It’s a very basic principle but prone to noise from the environment. Using the ESP32 it is really simple to generate an analog signal using the built-in DACs. With the provided code here just a wire as an antenna has to be connected to the pin 25 of the ESP32. The transmission will end up on the AM frequency ~835kHz.


The parts used here are the LOLIN32 and the ESP32 MiniKIT. But Any ESP32 board can be used.


  • Where to get them

These links are the cheapest I could find and also supporting our work (affiliate). I also ordered my modules there
LOLIN32 Board (~$6.90)
ESP32 Mini KIT (~$7.58)

But there are also cheap modules on Amazon and eBay:  .ca  .de  .fr
Ebay   .de  .fr

The oscilloscope came quite handy this project. I really like it, check it out: .de .ca .fr


All projects and files can be found here:

Audio to header converter

You can prepare your sounds using Audacity


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